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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to access the online test?
A: You need a pc with the following specifications:

  1. Internet access (preferably broadband)
  2. Recommended browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or above, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  3. Flash 8 or higher
  4. Speakers or earphones and a sound card
  5. Mouse

Q: Can I access the test if I do not have internet access on the test pc?
A: If you do not have internet access on the pc that you wish to use for testing, please contact Marlins:

Q: What is the difference between this test and the previous one?
Following client feedback we have updated the test content and style. The content of the database is entirely new and there are a variety of new task types. Please see the practice test for the new types of questions.

Q: How do I buy and access tests for the new online version?
A: Please refer to the section on the test home page, ‘Buying Tests’.

Q: Can I try the test before buying it?
A: Please click on ‘Taking a test’ on the test home page. This will give you the option of trying a practice test.  You can try the practice test several times.

Q: What happens to the results of tests from the previous version?
A: Please keep records of the results of the previous tests as normal. It is not possible to upload the results of tests from the previous version to merge with the online test results.

Q: How do we issue test certificates?
A: Certificates are issued by the Test Site administrator through the ‘Print certificate’ function. It is also possible for Marlins to check that certificates are valid.

Q: How does the online test work at Marlins Approved Test Centres?
A: There is no difference to the usual procedure: all seafarers need to show their ID to the Approved Test Centre administrator. The test is taken under exam conditions and the usual terms and conditions continue to apply to Approved Test Centres.

Q: Why can’t I hear the audio files?
A:  Check that your speakers/earphones are plugged in properly. Check the volume is on by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Sound and Audio Devices. Make sure the Volume slider is up and the Mute box is not checked.

Q: What is Flash Player?
Flash player is a widely distributed tool which you can download for free. It enables you to view multimedia packages and is required to access the Marlins test.

Q: What do I do if I don't have Flash 8 on my pc?
A: You will need to download and install it. It is free to download and can be accessed from: If a yellow bar appears at the top of your browser click on it and select “Install ActiveX Control”.

 Q: Why can’t I view the questions?
A: You need to check that Flash is installed on your pc. To check what version of Flash you have, right click on the picture opposite. A list will appear and at the bottom of the list you will see "About Flash Player X", the number must be 8 or higher. If you have Flash Player 7 or below you need to upgrade your player from

Q: What happens if I lose the internet connection while taking a test?
A: You can resume the test from the point at where you left it for up to 36 hours by re-entering your license code. After this period, your test will expire.